Project Description

The Rejuvenation Room

Your private, organic beauty spa, organic beauty shop.

The Rejuvenation Room is a sacred healing space located in the Upper Beaches in Toronto. For more then 10 years Certified Organic Holistic Facials have been the foundation of The Rejuvenation Room. Holistic Facials and Natural Body Treats are offered as Therapeutic Skin Care Treatments and as a holistic, mind, body, spirit experience. The Rejuvenation Room proudly features award winning Ilike Organic Skin Care in all of its Certified Organic Holistic Facials giving you a professional and therapeutic holistic experience. Bee Yummy Skin Food, Dr. Anna’s Pearl Cream, Miessence Certified Organics, True Essence Therapeutic products, and OxyLift ~ Oxygenated FaceLift System are also used as unique Therapeutic Skin Care Treatments.

Rising Star Healing, BEAM Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Axiatonal Alignment, and Hot Stone Meridian Massage are offered as deep transformational therapies to help move you forward in your own healing and evolution. Rising Star Healings work on all levels of your body to bring you back to balance, raise your vibration and open your heart and BEAM™ Therapy will assist you in releasing past unprocessed emotions and toxins at a cellular level so you can shine your light and live your life to its fullest!

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