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Energy Healing Plus

Healing comes in many forms and layers.

At Energy Healing Plus we believe when we are aligned with who we really are, life flows. Oftentimes, what stops us from staying connected to our essence are beliefs, traumas, abuse, betrayal and negative programs. The baggage we carry includes patterns we inherited and those we created through our life experiences. To be an integrated and authentic being requires personal work and commitment. It is a process.

In my experience with body-work, having combined Massage Therapy and Reiki, the experience can be heart-opening, clearing symptoms, feeling relaxed, relieve pain and feel peaceful. Feeling deeply connected to our inner-self is also possible. Oftentimes our symptoms will return, unless we clear the root causes of the problems. Massage Therapy and Reiki works separately and can be combined. They are wonderful companions for any other type of therapy or psycho-spiritual work.

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