Project Description

Doggie Lama

All animals deserve our compassion and to live a full life.

The Doggie Lama (ITO) his canine kindness. Sharing animal welfare and unconditional love with the world. Ito The Doggie Lama is a 10 year old cream-coloured Pomeranian therapy dog. He has been visiting chronic care patients at Toronto’s Grace Hospital for over a year. His calming effect on the patients is visible as well as his ever present, smile, cheering up the moods of anybody he meets. Ito loves to play volleyball, and is mastering the art of serving it! His active presence, loving compassion and precocious ways make him a natural actor. He loves the camera and performs for it frequently! He has a thoughtful heart and a curious glint in his eyes. He loves to adventure his life everyday. ITO Doggie Lama loves viewing the world from a higher vantage point with beauty all around and below. Always inspired and inspiring ITO the Doggie Lama enjoys sunny afternoons in High Park. Since he’s a very calm dog even the coolest people in High Park, are up for a meditation session with ITO. As well as being the Doggie Lama ITO is in development, creating a television production, with working title: ITO’s DREAM, a DOGumentary, documenting his visits at the hospital, his loving ways with people and animals alike. He is a spokes animal for the rights of animals and is a humanitarian pomeranian, with his heart in the right place.

ITO is available for interviews and acting roles in additional productions and can be reached by email:

View his recent adventures on the Doggie Lama website today.